Stop Water Problems In Your Basement with a Sump Pump

– By Mike Even, Cedar Rapids / Iowa City

Time to discuss the sump pump!

We’ve had record snow- and rainfalls this year throughout eastern Iowa, especially in our local areas. If you live anywhere near our shop in Amana (I’d say within 30 or so miles of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, or North Liberty, a.k.a. the corridor area), then I can confidently say you should also expect and be prepared for similarly record amounts of water with nowhere to go this spring given over-saturated grounds…

…nowhere to go, that is, except into your house through the smallest of small cracks in your basement’s floor and walls.

Now, you have a problem! After wet-vacuuming what you can, using roll after roll of paper towels, and setting up every portable fan you own, you’ll still discover the joys of living in a house with long-lasting smelly odors, and potentially worse, a secretly growing problem of black mold (which may actually come in a variety of interesting shades of grey).

So what is my recommendation?


When you have (or fear) a residential or commercial runoff water issue, the best defense is to call your trusty plumbing contractor, and have them install, inspect, and/or repair the sump pump in your basement. A quality, working sump pump begins tackling the problem immediately, before it gets too far out of hand. Without it, you’re at the mercy of mother nature, and if she says, “Here you go, take some more of this excess water,” then you may just be bailing water with a tin bucket or attempting to get it flowing up a siphon hose and back out though one of the basement window–and neither of those tricks work, I can assure you.

So take this opportunity, before the spring waters begin trickling (or perhaps this year, flowing) in, and contact a certified, professional sump pump installer, and have your system checked. Proper sump pump sizing is very important, and it’s much better to know for certain you’re protected than to come home happy on a warm, spring day only to find a new six-inch-deep swimming pool in your basement courtesy of the great outdoors.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time…

Take care.

Mike Even, Sump Pump Expert





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