Toilet Keeps Running – Plumbers Fix for Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and North Liberty

Bobs-Toilet-1-768x1024Your Toilet Keeps Running, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article breaks down the most common causes and fixes.

Fact 1: Running water can QUICKLY increase your water bill.

Fact 2: A handy person can usually fix this issue easily.

Problem Diagnosis: You see no water leaking around your toilet’s base, or beneath the tank. That’s good. However, you can hear the water continuing to run inside the tank, trying to fill it and never stopping.

The most common Issue: Quite often, the lift chain is twisted, broken, or unhooked from the flush valve, keeping the valve flap open, which prevents the tank from filling (and the toilet keeps running).

Bobs-Toilet-2-768x576If you’re a handy person, remove the tank cover and inspect the inside of the tank.

  • Is the lift chain unhooked or kinked?
  • Is the flush valve (flap) stuck in the open position?

You should be able to correct this by hand. Reach into the tank and take care of business.

If you’re lucky, that was the only reason your toilet keeps running.

Replace the tank cover.

You are done…

Advanced issues – often requiring a plumber

Over time, corrosion and toilet gunk build up inside the tank, causing more advanced issues. You may need to replace the entire toilet kit, including ballcock and ball, overflow tube, flush valve, and seals. These parts get gummed up over time, no longer moving freely as required.

  • Option 1: You can buy a complete toilet repair kit at your nearest home improvement store. However, tackling the job yourself will take several hours from start to finish (or more), depending our your skill level.
  • Option 2: The average homeowner is better off hiring a trusted plumbing contractor to overhaul the tank components with higher quality parts, and get the job done quickly and properly.

If you live in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Coralville, Marion, Williamsburg, or surrounding towns…call Oehl Plumbing for an estimate. We’ll give you a fair price and our reputation for reliability is solid.

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