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Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit Each Spring - Call Oehl HVAC to clean, inspect, and tune your unit's system components before they fail!

Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit Each Spring – Call Oehl HVAC to clean, inspect, and tune your unit’s system components before they fail!

What does it mean to “Tune & Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit?”

You’ll definitely want to read this article, and then invest the small amount of time and money every spring to keep your unit functioning at its peak performance. You’ll save BIG money over the long run, and minimize headaches down the road. Take my advice, I’ve seen the positive results of keeping units tuned and cleaned.

Here are the basics of why and how…

1) You’ll save Energy and Repair Costs

  • A well-tuned and clean unit will operate more efficiently. This means your unit will not be working any harder than necessary to keep your space cooled to the desired temperature. A clean unit conserves energy better. Nothing zaps your unit’s power like being filthy! Accumulated dust, grime, leaves, grass, and rubbish will prevent your unit from “breathing,” very much like a marathon runner with a rag over his or her face. Hard breathing means overheating. When you tune and clean your unit, it will breathe easier, and thus run cooler and more efficiently. Many times, units just “give up the race” by being deprived of free flowing air, or being loaded down with filth and grime. Components that normally last a long time will seize and quit when too hot, dirty, or oxygen-starved. Dirty units waste energy, and unexpected repair costs (or complete unit replacement) will consume far more money than the moderate cost of periodically having your unit cleaned.

2) Tune & Clean Your Air Conditioner – What’s involved…

  • Remove debris
  • Straighten the fins – (using special tools)
  • Clean around the unit
  • Inspect the unit – (vital components)
  • Test functionality – (systems and operations)
  • Check coils, drains, filter, etc.

3) When and How Often to Tune & Clean?

In our particular service zone (Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, North Liberty, and surrounding areas), the recommended season to clean is Spring. We put our clients on an annual spring cleaning program, and we pre-schedule all Tune & Clean work in time to get units ready before the summer cooling season. Our service technicians have the tools and training to make your outside air conditioning unit run AT ITS BEST, to maximize efficiency of operation, and if certain components are failing (or about to fail) we can get them “tuned up” with replacement parts, as needed. After we clean your air conditioning unit, your system will operate to the best of its abilities. By doing this annually, we generally see extended lifespans, quite similar to anything inspected and maintained according to a regular plan. The worst thing you can do for your air conditioner is ignore it and hope it keeps running. Most customers opt for our annual tune and clean service because they find it a great value in extending the life of their air conditioning investment.


Until Next Time…

Keep It Clean.