A Sump Pump Can Help Avoid Basement Water, Mold, Mildew, and Health Problems – By Mike Even, North Liberty / Coralville Expert

Old Man Winter and Mother Nature have gotten together this winter and given us all a one two punch. We have had record snow falls this past winter in the Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, and Cedar Rapids area. So anyone living in Johnson, Linn, Benton, or Iowa County can expect record water run off. Due to the frost level being so deep this year, the snow melt will not have much chance to soak into the ground. The water run off will be mass and will be looking for any and all of the smallest of small cracks or crevasses in your foundation’s walls and floors for it to soak into.

Let Oehl Plumbing and Heating protect your home with a quality sump pump such as Zoeller or PHCC Brands. Flooded basements cause thousands of dollars in damage and cause mold and mildew problems. Many medical problems have been caused by molds. We see more children today than ever with asthma. Much due to all the time spent indoors compared to playing outside like when we were children. Memories are soaked in water and thrown away, such as antiques from our grandparents, pictures of our past, and photos of our children. These memories can never be replaced.

I suggest having Oehl Plumbing and Heating install a high quality sump pump with a battery back up system installed. These systems come with an alarm to alert you if your main pump fails. Some of these systems can be hooked up to a phone line to alert you if you are not home. This is better than coming home from work, going to the basement, and finding out the basement is flooded–then coming back up the steps, looking into your spouse’s eyes, and asking for all the five gallon buckets and towels in the house. You know that’s not an argument you’re going to win.

Sump pumps are not a cure all to every basement problem. If you have cracks in your basement floors or walls, you should contact a wall and floor specialist.