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Plumbing services in Amana, IA

You don’t have to deal with unpleasant plumbing issues alone. Oehl Plumbing, Heating, Electric, & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers repairs, installations and replacements for home and business owners in Amana, Iowa. Whether something broke in your house or you’re about to remodel your entire office building, you can trust Oehl to handle any plumbing needs that arise. Call 319-622-3636 to speak with a qualified technician in Amana, IA about your needs.

7 common plumbing problems our technicians can fix

7 common plumbing problems our technicians can fix

A plumbing issue can send your whole household into a panic. But don’t worry – Oehl will help you through it. Our technicians will:

  1. Fix your toilet’s drainage issues.
  2. Repair your leaky faucet.
  3. Unclog your sink.
  4. Repair your broken garbage disposal.
  5. Replace your failed sump pump.
  6. Install your new spigots.
  7. Replace your water softener.
  8. And so much more!

Do you need us to do something that’s not on this list? Reach out to us to schedule an appointment.